Sunday, 18 October 2009

When Shall We Meet Again?

Autumn just seems to be flying by at the moment - as I type, I can see our garden covered in brown leaves and the tree is bare with only a football stuck on its branches. Soon it'll be time for pumpkins, fireworks and then, dare I say it, Slade on the radio.

Another thing that has come round quickly is the next Cellar meeting which will be held tomorrow, 6:45pm at the Blue Sky Cafe.

As mentioned previously, Lisa Blower will be our special guest. Who is Lisa? Scroll down for more details.

Other news this week includes a Cellar presence at the 'Writing from Bangor and Beyond' lectures. The afternoon began with readings from the work of well-known writers who have been the focus of research at the University's School of English, including John Milton, William Shakespeare and R.S Thomas, in a session chaired by special guest, the Earl of Powis.

Three poets currently writing in Bangor (Ian Davidson, Carol Rumens and Zoe Skoulding) read some of their work and the afternoon closed with the extended conversation between novelist James Hawes and Philip Pullman. Pullman appeared as a thoughtful and genuine character, with his raven daemon perched on his shoulder.

That's all for now - time for some flammin' hot Monster Munch.


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