Sunday, 11 October 2009

Excited Dogs and Wine Gums

After much umm-ing and ahh-ing about the weather, some members of the group made the journey to Moelfre for another one of Phil's walks.

This time it was a circular around Moelfre with a few ancient ruins on the way.

Joining Phil was Jean L and her charming granddaughter Jenny, Rachel, Lowri, Andrew and his two daughters Emily and Lucy (both on their second Cellar walk, so should be pros by now). And of course, the group wouldn't have been complete without Jean's dog Indie.

After Andrew made a sneaky trip to the shop, the group set off through some fields, which included one that had some sort of root vegetables growing in it. Soon after, they spotted their first burial chamber, which the smaller members of the group could crawl under and on top. Luckily no zombies were to be found.

Further down the road, they came to a second burial chamber in Capel Lligwy. Again the kids went down to the dark vault, enjoying poking their hands out of the floor above and generally scaring everyone.

Next stop was the ancient village of Din Lligwy. As Jean and Andrew absorbed the information boards, Lowri enticed a dog from the neighbouring field to crawl under the fence and frolic with Indie. The problem was, the dog wouldn't go away and was having way too much fun to listen to its owner.

The group soon ended up in Lligwy Beach and followed the coastal path back to Moelfre, passing the memorial for the Royal Charter and numerous dog walkers (much to Indie's enjoyment). Lowri explained to the group how people chopped off the fingers of the bodies washed up on the shore after the sinking of the Royal Charter, so that they could remove the valuable rings off their swollen fingers.

After a quick break and a wine gum each (so that's why he went to the shop!) the group continued to Moelfre. The day ended, as always, with well earned cake and coffee (this time in Ann's Pantry), where they tempted Rachel into having millionaires' shortbread (didn't take much persuasion) and Jenny's hedgehog lost an ear.


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