Friday, 5 February 2010

No January Blues at Blue Sky

Great to see another great turnout for the January Cellar meeting, with 4 new writers attending for the first time.

If you remember all the way back to just before Christmas, we had a competition with the theme 'The Gift'. Many short stories were submitted but not enough poetry. The closing date for the poetry competition is now the 8th March, so there's plenty of time left to get inspired.

Now some dates for your diary:

The February meeting will be the third Monday as usual (15th February - day after Valentine's Day!)

The March meeting will now be the 22nd March not the 15th as there has been some confusion over dates at Blue Sky.

No news from Critique Groups but the various groups will be notified when dates are arranged.

Great to see a Cellar presence at both POETica and the Poetry Wales event recently. I look forward to getting my POETica ringtone off Alan Dawson, Po-et-i-ca, Po-et-i-ca, ooh, ooh, Po-et-i-ca...

Till next time, happy writing!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to be there at the next meet...I'm trying to plan an event...Look forward to meeting you all


Anonymous said...

Well I Dw it over to the blue sky on the 15th but Tge place was locked up? Could someone please email me details for next time?

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